Adding App Pages

Below we will outline and go into greater detail of the different types of pages you can create in your Reactor app. 

The three "list" types will all query for data in the same ways with the same available parameters, but will display differently based on your selection. Each list will default to 10 posts, and this is hardcoded on our end for the moment. Tentatively scheduled to change in a later version.


  • Basic text editor like you're already familiar with Post/Page editor. Media ready.

List, Media List, Card List, Product List, 2 Col Product List

  • Posts list
    • Displays a list of posts from your "Posts" area/post type.
  • Custom Post Type list
    • Displays a list of posts from a specified post type slug. Specify the WooCommerce post types when using the Product Lists.
  • Slider above content
    • The slider displays featured images from whatever list content you have selected. For example, if you are showing a list of posts from the "events" category, it will show the first posts from that category.
  • Full Page template
    • Allows you to select which template to use when user taps into an individual post.  In here, you can select a regular post style, a card style or a product style for WooCommerce items.
  • Social Sharing
    • Adds social sharing integration to the end of the post when viewing an individual post.

Page/Post from Site

  • Page/Post From Site
    • Allows you to specify what page or single post ID from your remote site this Reactor AppPage should query for and display the content of.
  • Social Sharing
    • Adds social sharing integration to the end of the post when viewing an individual post.

Photo Gallery

Gallery Tag Name

  •  To make a gallery, go to App Pages -> Add New, and choose Gallery as the page type.  Next, add a tag you want to use for your images, such as “app.”
  • Next, login to your personal WordPress website that has the Reactor Core plugin active.  Go to your media library and click on an image.  At the bottom right, you’ll see a field for app gallery tag.  Add the same tag you added in Reactor, “app” in this case, to each image you want to show up in the app gallery.

  • For WordPress 3.9, visit Media > Library and click on the "Edit" link that appears when you hover over a media library item. The field will appear towards the bottom, labeled "App Gallery".

  • For WordPress 4.0+, visit Media > Library and click on one of the items you wish to edit. The field will be on the right, labeled "App Gallery".

Google Map

Before the Google Map template will work, you will need to have a Google Maps API saved for your account. See the bottom of the Build/Test tab of your App Settings for more information.

  • Store Name.
    • Add a business name like Starbucks to plot nearby locations on map. Business must be listed in Google Places
  • Individual Address.
    • Custom address that you want plotted.