Customizing App Design

Reactor allows you to customize your app design without coding.

Visit App Designs in the left hand menu, and add a new design, or click an existing one to begin customizing.

Click a color picker on the right and customize to your liking. A preview of the color changes will be shown on the left, note that this is not your real app content. To see any changes as they affect your real app, save your design by clicking the Blue button at the top right of the page, then go back to Apps->Your app to view your app preview.

Custom CSS

There is a custom CSS box for developers underneath all the color pickers. Here you can add any CSS code, and it will be automatically applied to all pages of your app.

To view CSS selectors, go to your app preview under Apps->Your app, and inspect with a  browser inspector. If you are not familiar with CSS code or browser inspectors, it is recommended that you stick with the color pickers and don't attempt to add custom code.