Submitting to the App Store

In this article, we will look at uploading your app to iTunes Connect (the Apple app store).


In order to upload your app, you will first need an Apple Developer account.  At time of writing, these cost $99 per year and are required for publishing apps.  

Once you have your account, you will then need to create the relevant certificates and documents that are associated with your app.  This process has been documented here and is needed to build your app files within Reactor.


  • First, log in to
  • Once you log in, you will be presented with your account details.  This window shows you information about your app, sales and trends, iAd information and more
  • Click on 'My Apps' to open your apps window.
  • You will then be presented with a page containing all of your existing apps.  If you don't have any yet, do not worry, we are about to change that!

  • Click on the '+' at the top left hand corner to add a new app.  You will be presented with the following window.

  • From here, you will need to fill in your App Name, Version number, Primary Language, SKU number and Bundle ID.  Your SKU number is just a unique number for your app and is not visible on the store.  You can add whatever you like in here.  The Bundle ID is the App ID you created previously when creating your certifications.
  • Once you create your app, you will be presented with a window that asks for your app information.  You will be asked for Descriptions, Titles, Keyword, Categories, etc.  File these details in as best you can.  The page will flag when you have missed anything.
  • You will also be asked for screenshots for your app.  You can find out the exact dimensions needed by clicking on Learn More beside the screenshot selection area.
  • Once you are happy with all your details, we can add our app to the account. This is done using the Application Loader.  This is available to download within the App window we are still in in the Builds section.  
  • After downloading and running the Application Loader, you will be asked to Deliver Your App.  Select the .ipa file you created earlier with Reactor and follow the steps. 
  • Once complete, you will be presented with a list of Warnings and Errors.  The Warnings are not anything to worry about but if there are any Errors, they need to be fixed before Apple will accept the app.
  • Once you have selected your app, go to the Pricing Tab within iTunes Connect.
  • Fill in your relevant price and now your App is ready to be submitted to Apple for review.

The App review process can take up to two weeks to complete.  If the app is rejected for any reason, Apple will provide you with a detailed report why and how to fixe