Google Maps

The Maps App Page allows you to add a Google Map to your app with various location features. You will need a free API key from Google to use this feature.

Generating your Server API key

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new project, or click the title of an existing project
  3. Click APIs (or APIs and Auth) on the left side of the screen
  4. Search for "Google Maps JavaScript API v3", and click the "off" button to the right to turn it on. Your screen should now look like this (only the maps API is important).

  5. Next, click "Credentials" on the left, under APIs and auth.  Under "Public API access" click create new key.

  6. Choose "Server key" and click OK in the dialog box. Leave the dialog box blank.

  7. Your screen should now look like this, you can copy and paste the Server API key into Reactor.

Adding your API key to Reactor

Add your API key on the Apps page, under the build/test tab. Maps will not work in your app without your API key.

Using Google Places Listings

To add pins in the map for all store locations that are listed on Google Places, simply input the store name. For multiple locations to show, they must all be under the same name, such as "Home Depot." 

Adding Addresses manually

To add pins in the map manually, use the "Individual Address" field. Write in the addresses separated by a pipe like this: 12345 Main St | 777 First, 92345 | 555 Vichy Rd, New York

*Do not use both store name and individual address fields at the same time.


If you cannot get your location plotted on the map on iOS, go to Settings->Privacy->Location services, and make sure your app has them turned on while using the app.