Submitting to the Google Play Store

In this article, we will look at uploading your app to the Google Play Store.


In order to do upload your app, you will first need an Google Developer account.  At time of writing, these cost a $25 once off fee and are required for publishing apps.  

You will also need to create a signing key and rebuild your app in Phonegap Build using that key. Instructions are here:

Without a signing key, you will get errors about your app being in "debug" mode when trying to upload to Google Play.


  • Log into your Google Developer Console at
  • Click on Add New Application at the top of your account
  • You will be prompted to submit either an apk file to continue to prepare the store listing.  Your apk file is the Android app file you created with Reactor.  If it is ready, you can upload your apk file now.  If not, just continue to the store listing.  Make sure to file in the App Title and select the default language.
  • The store listing asks you for details such as the Title, Short and Full Description, screenshots to be used and app categorization.
  • The Developer Console also has a checklist system which helps show you what is missing or needed.  It also provides tips that might help, like better screenshots.
  • Once you have completed all the steps, you will then have the option to Publish the app.  This is found at the top right hand corner of the console.  Once you have published, your app should be ready and live on the store in a matter of hours.