Creating a menu for your app


The App Menus section is where you can create the menus you wish to appear within your app.

Create a Menu

  • Click App Menus from your admin menu on the left hand side.
  • Select 'create new menu' and give it a name, such as "App Menu"

  • Next, choose the pages from the left hand side you wish to include into your menu and click 'Add To Menu'.  The pages found here are the pages created in the App Pages window.  The first page you select in your menu will be used as your Home Page for the app.
  • Save your menu.

You can now add this menu to your app by clicking "Apps" in the left-hand navigation, and editing your app.

Menu Icons

To add an icon to your app menu, go to, and choose an icon.

Click the icon to display the icon identifier.

In this case, copy the text ion-images.

Go back to your App Menu page, and click to expand a menu item.  Add the text you copied to the field that says "Menu Icon."

You can also add "Small Text" which will appear underneath the menu item. This works great for as a short description.