Build/Test Tab

Note: This section of Reactor is only available to paid subscribers. It is not available if you're on the free trial.

After you configure your app, we need to put it all together so you can test it, and eventually send it to the app stores.

You'll need to fill out some details about your app, such as the description, app identifier, splash and icon images, and more. 

*Before building your app, you'll need to setup your Phonegap Build account. If you have not done that, please  view this article first.

Build Section

Checking the first box and saving will put everything in motion. A couple of things happen:

  1. All of your app files are gathered into a .zip file, and put in your App Files section in case you want to download it.
  2. If you have configured Phonegap Build, your app will also be sent to Phonegap Build to be automatically compiled.
  3. Details about your app build, and a QR code to download the app to your device will be displayed.

Update live app

Checking this box along with "build app" and pressing update will push any changes you made on Reactor to your live app. These changes include app menus, custom pages, custom colors, and app page settings.

Should I check this box? If you are developing your app, and it's not on the app stores, then yes. If you are just testing some changes, and you don't want them to show up in your live app, then don't check it.

In technical terms, it refreshes the Reactor API data used by your app.

To refresh your app after rebuilding, background it, switch to another app, and open it again. (Backgrounding just means switch to another app, you don't have to close it completely)

Signing Keys

Optionally choose a signing key from your account. iOS requires a key and a provisioned device to test apps.  Keys must be pre-configured either in Phonegap Build or in the Phonegap Account section in Reactor. Android does not require a key to test.

Don't be scared to check this box, it's pretty hard to mess things up and you can always rebuild!

Note: you may need to clear out old app zip files periodically if you are doing a lot of builds.

App Details Section

Add details about your app in this section.

Icon and Splash Images

Upload 1 icon image, and 2 splash images in the EXACT size specified and in the PNG image format. Images of a different size will not work.

All of the different sizes required for iOS/Android are automatically generated for you when building your app.