Browser Preview

The browser preview gives you a quick preview of your app in your web browser.

Some app features will not work in the browser preview, it is just an approximation of your app. To test on your device, please use the Reactor Preview App.

IMPORTANT: test your app on a real device, don't rely on the preview. It's just for your convenience.

Some features will not be fully functional in the preview. Go to Build/Test tab to view on a device. 


Preview not working?

  1. Make sure you entered your website url, a working menu, and save.
  2. Go to your App Pages and clear any custom post type or category/tag slugs you added, then resave the page. (This will tell you if your slugs were incorrect)
  3. Use the Safari or Chrome browser, preview has some issues in other browsers.
  4. Clear your browser cache and refresh the page. This solves most issues.
  5. Just showing a spinner? Make sure you have the Reactor Core plugin installed, on your WordPress site, and you have actual content there.
  6. If all else fails, build your app and test on a device.