iOS certificates and keys

To test your iOS app or distribute it to the app stores, you will need to generate a .p12 file and a provisioning profile. These files are then uploaded to Phonegap Build, which is what Reactor uses to compile your apps so you can use them on a real device.

First you need a developer account from Apple, which you can get here:

Next, login to your developer account at

This is a 3 step process, please watch the videos below.

1. Create your .p12 file

You will need to generate a .p12 file from your Apple Developer certificate. If you are using push notifications, or distributing to the app store, you will need to use a production certificate. For testing without push notifications, you can use a development certificate.

This is the first file you will upload to Phonegap Build.

2. Create your provisioning profile

If you want to test your app, you need to add your device UDID to a provisioning profile. If you are testing push notifications or submitting to the app stores, use a distribution profile, otherwise you can use a development profile.

3. Upload to Phonegap Build

A free account at Phonegap Build is required.