How to find Page or Post IDs

When setting up a "Remote Post" or a "Remote Page" Reactor AppPage, you are going to need to know the ID of the post or page to fetch.

Potential location:

Some plugins have added a custom column to your posts list views, which is what you see when you click on "All Posts" or "All Pages" in your WordPress admin menus. If you have a column related to Post ID already, that is the value you will want to use for the "Remote Post" or "Remote Page" text input.

If you don't see a column for it shown, but want to check to see if one is available, click the "Screen options" tab at the upper right corner and look to see if a "Post ID" option is unchecked in the panel that is displayed.

Guaranteed location:

If you do not have a posts list column available for displaying the ID for the posts or pages, you will need to click into the post editor for each that you wish to retrieve the ID for.

Once you are viewing the editor screen for the specific post or page, you will want to look at the address bar.

You will see something similar to the image above. the number inside the "post=14894" portion is going to be the post or page ID that you want to use for the text input for the "Remote Post" or "Remote Page" AppPage.