Media Player

Reactor audio and video player can play files for you by adding <audioplayer> or <videoplayer> elements to your content.

Note: These players are for playing .mp3 and .mp4 files that are hosted on your own site, you are not able to host your media on Reactor.

A great way to use these players is via template hooks, for example to play podcasts from your site in your app. See  this post for an example.

Audio Player

The <audioplayer> element creates a button that opens the audio player. The player is shown at the bottom of your app. The element has attributes to specify the file to be played and the look of the button. The audio player is site wide and will continue to play even when navigating to new app views.

Example of audio player button:

<audioplayer file="link-to-file" title="Button Text" fileTitle="This is the title of the file" class="custom-class"></audioplayer>

Video Player

The <videoplayer> element creates an inline video player. The element has one attribute, file, that specifies the video file to be played.

<videoplayer file="link-to-file"></videoplayer>

The elements can be placed in post or pages, the Reactor text/html page type or attached to template hooks.