Phonegap Config

Phonegap build requires a file (config.xml) to supply preferences to use during the app build. Reactor has this file created for you. This file is created from various options on the app's admin page. 

Reactor includes Phonegap plugins for core features.  The latest version of Phonegap build has opened up the possibility to include 3rd party plugins. With custom development, this greatly enhances the types of apps you can build with Reactor. 

Visit your app in the Reactor admin and click the Build/Test tab, scroll down to Phonegap Config option and enter Phonegap plugin preferences, one on each line.

NOTE! Adding plugins in this configuration option is considered custom coding and is outside the support system for Reactor build. We only supply this option for you to easily add plugins to config.xml. If you add a plugin preference and your app is unresponsive it is best to not use that plugin.