Google Analytics Tracking

To collect analytics data for your app, you need to set up a Google Analytics Mobile App account. 

Start by going to the Google Analytics site and click on the Create an Account button. Once signed in, click on the Admin button and the + New Account button under the Accounts tab. 

At the top of the resulting tab, select the App button in answer to the What would you like to track? query. Fill out the form as appropriate. Complete instructions can be found here.

You will receive a tracking ID after setting up your account. Copy/paste the tracking ID in your Reactor app under the Build/Test tab.

Save and rebuild your app to add the tracking code to your app.

Google analytics tracks page views from your app. To see which pages are being viewed, go to Behavior->Screens in your Google analytics account.

You can also view Google Analytics data in your Reactor dashboard by clicking the Google Analytics link in the left hand menu, and authorizing the app. Choose the correct account in the settings, then your data will appear on your Reactor Dashboard.