Remote Push Notifications

Send push notifications from your WordPress site admin. For Pro and Ultimate accounts only.

First, make sure your Reactor core plugin is up to date. You must already have push notifications configured for your app, and the app must be installed on a device with the proper certificates to receive push notifications. If you have not setup push notifications yet, please consult our other documentation here

  1. Install and activate the Reactor Push plugin on your WordPress site. You can download it on your account page.
  2. Visit your Reactor User profile page. Scroll to the bottom and find the "Push Notifications Keys" section.
  3. Copy your push key and site slug.
  4. You'll also need to add the App ID. To find that, click the app you want to send notifications to. Look at the url in your address bar, it will look like this:
    The number is your app ID. In the example above, it's 600.
  5. Go to your WordPress website under Settings=>Reactor. Paste the settings into the appropriate fields and save.

To send a push notification to your app, go to Notifications => Add New in your WordPress admin. Add a title and message body, and save to send the notification.

Notifications will only send when a new one is published, not when it is updated.