Custom Code

Reactor provides a lot of functionality but sometimes you need to do custom code. This is accomplished by adding a custom.css or custom.js file to the assets zip. 

Visit your  App in the admin and click the build tab. Scroll down to assets and add a .zip of files you want to include locally in your app.

Adding Your Custom Code

To add a custom CSS file, simply name it custom.css and add it to your assets.  To add a custom javascript file, name it custom.js and add it to your assets.

Do not put your files in a folder before zipping them. Select the files and compress them on their own.

PLEASE NOTE!  (Custom code is outside Reactor support, you are on your own!) 

Reactor runs on   Angular and does not contain jQuery. jQuery functions will not work here. You will need to use vanilla javascript or learn a bit of Angular (free course from Google).