When pages are loading content in Reactor apps there is a loading spinner to let a user know there is something happening and content is on the way.

We provide a few options to choose a spinner.  In Reactor admin visit the Design menu and go into the design for your app. Scroll down to Loading Spinners and select a spinner. Then save. Spinners are updated live when you check live update when saving your app.

After you select a spinner it will replace the default iOS spinner.  Here's what the Lines spinner option will look like in app. The chosen spinner is used in page loading, pull to refresh and load more.

Customize Spinner

The new spinners are .svg and can easily be customized via CSS. 

.spinner svg {   width: 28px;   height: 28px;   stroke: #444;   fill: #444; }

PLEASE NOTE: If you built and submitted your app before the spinner option was available you will need to resubmit to add this functionality to your app.