Custom Pages

Reactor allows you to create custom pages that are not tied to any website or outside platform.

You can add text, images, video, and HTML code to these pages.  If you utilize the app assets feature for your media, the page will display offline.

Creating a Custom Page

To create a custom page, go to App Pages->Add New. Make sure "Custom Text/HTML" is selected in the menu at the top, then add your content below.

Text and Visual Mode

There are 2 modes, text and visual. Text is for adding custom code, and Visual is for non-code like text and images.

To switch modes, click the tab at the top right of the editor, as shown above. The example above is Visual mode, below is Text mode.

*Do not switch modes after adding content, this will cause unexpected behavior.

Below you can see an example of Text mode. You are required to use Text mode to add custom objects such as our Audio and Video players.