Custom Logo

To add a custom logo to your app, there's a couple different things you can do.

Add your logo as an image on your homepage

Create a custom app page, and use Custom Text/HTML as the page type. Click the "Add Media" button, and upload your logo. You can add whatever content you want below it, and set this page as the first page in your app menu.

Add Logo to App Header Bar

Many people want to add their logo to their app header bar.  It's possible to do this, although it's not recommended.  The header bar is used to display page titles, if you add your logo, you won't see any page titles.

To add your logo to your header, go to App Designs, and add this to your custom CSS:

.bar-reactor .title {
  color: transparent !important;
  background: url('assets/appp-logo-700.png') no-repeat center top;
  background-size: 90%;
 margin-top: 5px;

Upload your logo as an offline asset, change the url of the logo, and tweak the size and positioning as needed with more custom CSS. (You can use a full url like, but using offline assets will make it load faster)