Preview App On Device

Reactor preView allows you to preview your Reactor app on your device. 

First, download the preView app for iOS or Android:

Download for iOSDownload for Android

Next, login to your Reactor Dashboard, and visit the App you want to preview. Visit the Build/Test tab, and check the Build and Update Live app checkboxes, then save to build your app.

After building your app, you will see a Preview Code on the right side of the screen.

Open the Reactor Preview app, enter your username and password, along with your preview code. Your app will begin to download. This may take several minutes depending on internet connectivity. 

After the app files have downloaded your app will load and be displayed. Please note that some functionality (such as push notifications) may not work as this is just a preview and not a fully compiled app.

Note: this is just a preview of your app. To build a fully working prototype of your app, you will need to use  PhoneGap Build along with the proper certificate and provisioning profile for iOS.


If your app is not loading, please rebuild it by visiting the Build/Test tab, check the Build App box, and save.