To test and submit your apps, you will need your own Apple and Google developer accounts.

If things look good and you proceed with a purchased build service, please complete these steps first:

  1. You will need an active developer license for the platforms you wish to build for. You can get those here:

iOS Certificates

To test your app on an iOS device, you need to generate some certificates. The video below explains how to generate the certificates for submitting your app to the app store. You can also generate development certificates just for testing by choosing "development" instead of "distribution" for your cert and provisioning profile. Push notifications require different certificates, please keep scrolling for more information.

There's a great tutorial for more information here:  https://coderwall.com/p/eceasa

Push Notifications Certificates

Apps that support push notifications require different certificates.  There are 2 things we need: the .p12 and provisioning profile for the app, and the .p12 for the push server.  Note that there are 2 separate .p12 files we are creating.

The video below shows you how to create the .p12 and provisioning profile for the app. For the other server .p12 file, please see  this article.